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Rachel Ritchie is an experienced local guide, based in Priorat Wine country.

Posted on John Radford's website:- We were expertly hosted by Rachel Ritchie, who is English but has lived in these parts for many years, and acts as a tourist guide for visitors - she appears to know the region, and everyone in it, like the back of her hand.

Rachel Ritchie, founder of TravelPriorat, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern European Languages from Durham University, England and an MA in Museum Studies and Heritage Management from the University of Barcelona. Rachel has lived in Catalonia since 1995 and is based in the Priorat in north-eastern Spain with her Catalan husband, Gerard Amorós and two young sons.


She is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and German and has a diverse understanding of the history and geography of Catalonia. Rachel has been accompanying visitors on wine tours in the Priorat  since 2003 and consequently she knows and is very well-known by all the leading wine producers, hoteliers and restaurateurs in the region. This enables her to open doors that remain firmly closed to other visitors and offer truly individual and unique experiences to her clients.


As a translator, Rachel works closely with the local wineries as well as the two Designations of Origin Regulatory Boards and has twice worked on the organisational board for Espai Priorat (2011 and 2013), a bi-annual International Exhibition of Priorat Wines.

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