In PRIORAT, wine is our PRIORITY
Best wine tours for tourists who have passion for WINE, enjoy WINETOURISM and are planning to visit BARCELONA.


Do you enjoy trying good WINES?

Are you planning to visit BARCELONA soon?

Wondering about the best TOURS in Barcelona or nearby?


If you miss a chance to do wine tour Barcelona during your stay in catalan capital,
you will miss a unique way to:

- Discover one of the most famous wine regions in Spain, Europe and the world.

- Try a wide range of the best catalan wines.

- Enjoy mediteranian climate, beautiful nature and an idylic Barcelona countryside.

What is Priorat?

Priorat is a small region of Catalonia, in north-east of Spain. The region is well known in the country for its wine production. Moreover, Priorat wine sector occupies one of the highest positions at the international wine market.

The Priorat region is an area with excelent climate conditions (mediterranean climate). However, the region does not have only a good weather. It also possess a great history, numerous traditions and large natural and cultural heritage.

That is why this area represents a perfect destination for all those persons who are looking for ENOTOURISM, CULTURAL TOURISM and CREATIVE ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES.
Moreover, the region of Priorat is still in the shadow of other famous catalan touristic destinations, such as Barcelona, Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.
It could even be said that Priorat represents a GREAT UNKNOWN of Catalonia, being still an authentic place, with fewer tourists in comparation to the mentioned destinations

That's why we invite YOU to be ONE OF THE FIRST TOURISTS to discover it.

Why should the tourists visit Priorat?

We recomend the tourists to do the Priorat wine tours from Barcelona due to two main reasons:
Barcelona Wine Tours
luxury wine tour priorat
For the tourists who would like to go for a single-day excursion to Priorat
Priorat is not too far away from Barcelona.
It is situated about 86 miles south of the catalan capital, Barcelona (about an hour and a half by bus).

I’m interested in going for a single-day excursión to Priorat
priorat wine grapes
For the tourists who would like to spend their entire holidays in Priorat area
There is a airport nearby featuring many low-cost flights to Great Britain.
The airport is placed in the town of Reus (about 21 miles from the major town of the region, Bellmunt del Priorat).
Ryanair is the airline that operates the majority of low-cost flights to United Kingdom.
I would like to find out more about these flights.
The tours of different duration.
The tours adapted to various numbers of visitors.
The tours that feature good prices.
A SINGLE-DAY wine tours near Barcelona
(10 hours-tour)

Would you mind telling me a little bit more about a day trip to Priorat from Barcelona?
TWO-DAY wine tours from Barcelona
(including our exclusive 5 star hotel trip)

Could you give me any more informations about two-day trips?
ONE-WEEK Priorat wine tour
(for those who feel great passion for good wines and would like to spend more time in Priorat)

I´m interested in this tours.
How many people could do the Barcelona vineyard tour?
We arrange three kinds of best wine tours near Barcelona:
• PRIVATE Barcelona winery tours
• Tours adapted to SMALL GROUPS of people
Wine trip near Barcelona - SMALL GROUPS (ready-made tours)
A small group could be made of your friends, your family and you.

In that case, you could enjoy a family atmosphere during the tour, feeling relaxed and spending time with your loved ones. 
Spanish wine tours in Barcelona - BIG GROUPS (ready-made tours)
As we have a lot of experience managing professional and student groups, we are proud to say that big groups are also welcome to Priorat. 
Wine tours near Barcelona (Spain) - CUSTOM (private tours or tailor-made tours)
We would be happy to set up a personalised route for you.

During the route, we could offer you some advices about other wine regions in Spain.

Which prices do the tours have?

These tours are a perfect choice for you if:
- You are an expert consuming wines, able to recognize the exceptional quality of catalan wines made in Priorat.
- You are curious to get to know the territory where these exquisite wines are being made.
- You would like to contemplate the beautiful surrounding landscapes, meet the people who make the wines, try tasty catalan food and discover many other wine and gastronomic sensations.

In summary, we invite you to do Barcelona winery day trip
if you’re keen on visit the place of origin of the best SPANISH WINE.
What are we promising you?

wine tour barcelona
Good wines and tasty food
best barcelona wine tours
The smell of the nearby Mediterranean Sea
Sunsets in astonishing natural surroundings, such as vineyards
priorat wine tour
The softness of the best sorts of grapes
barcelona wine tour
The sounds of typical catalan villages
Why does the Priorat wine tour represent one of the best wine tours near Barcelona?

We consider that the tours we organize represent  one of the best day excursions from Barcelona.

Would you like to know why is that?

• First of all, we colaborate with professional and reliable tour guides who will receive you at the meeting point and will host you for the entire guided tour.

• Second, when it comes to wine appellation, we offer you a wide range of options, from Priorat DOQ to Montsant DO.

• Third, our wine knowledge includes Penedes DO and Cava DO (spanish sparkling wine produced mainly in Penedes county).

• Finally, we know all the wineriers and winemakers in Priorat, as well as the local restaurants.

Due to these four reasons, we are sure that we could take you to one of the best Spain wine tours from Barcelona.
luxury wine tour
We are Travel Priorat.
A small company found by few wine lovers.
Our company is situated in an administrative capital of Priorat County, the town of Falset. That’s why we know so well the region of Priorat.
That’s why we love it so much. Priorat is our home
But there is something you should know about all of us
who live and work in Priorat.

The habitants of Priorat enjoy consuming many kinds of drinks.
Although, when it comes to wine, we don´t only consume it.

Speaking of wine, we agree with the famous italian scientist, Galileo Galilei, who once said:

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water."

That’s the main reason why we, the habitants of PRIORAT, PRIORITIZE wine over other drinks.
We do that because other drinks can be consumed.
But the wine, we the wine doesn’t have to be only consumed.
The wine can also be BREATHED, FELT and LOVED

So, if you have the same passion for wine as we do, if you too breathe, feel and love wine like us, we would like you to visit our homeland and share it with us.
wines of priorat
wine tours from barcelona
John Doe
best barcelona wine tours
One day Priorat Wine Tour
Best Priorat Wine Tour by BUS
wines of priorat
Luxury Wine Tour Priorat
The most luxury wine tour of the Priorat
Visit Priorat by Train
Wine Tour Priorat by Train
Visit Priorat by Train - 1 day
visit priorat
Priorat 2 days wine tour by train!
Best Priorat Wine Tours Here!
Do you have any doubts about the spanish wine tour in Barcelona we organize?

There’s no need to worry if you still have some doubts.
We are about to explain you all you need to know.

My intention is to assist Priorat wine tour. Should I make the reservation in advance?

If you are interested in Priorat wine county, it´s almost certain that you are going to need a previous appointment to do a cellar tour. That´s why we highly recommend making a reservation in advance.

The main reason is that the most of wineries are quite small. Moreover, the staff, is very busy doing all kinds of jobs around the winery (it´s quite often that the members of the owner’s family represent the staff of the winery).

Can Travel Priorat set up a tour for me?

Of course. We can set up a tour for you. Moreover, we would be very happy to do it.

Which kind of landscapes could I enjoy during the Barcelona wine tour?

If you decide to do the wine tour in Barcelona, you could enjoy various kinds of landscapes:
- Vineyard landscapes (the landscapes of several Barcelona wine tasting vineyards);
- Olive trees landscapes;
- Montsant Natural Park.
Moreover, small and hidden regions as Terra Alta DO, Conca de Barberà DO or Tarragona DO can also be discovered if you like travelling off the beaten tracks.

Which languages are spoken during the day wine tours from Barcelona?

The tours are usually in English. Also, the great majority of winery staff speaks English too.

Although, we can organize tours in other languages, such as Catalan, Spanish, French, German or Russian (if agreed in advance).

What should I take if I decide to do Barcelona wine tours?

Before you do Barcelona Wine Tour, we suggest you to put on comfortable clothes and shoes, according the season of the year.

Although our vineyard tours don’t include hiking, some uneven terrains can be found during the journey.

We also recomend you taking some water and a photo camera with you (if not, make sure that you have a mobile pone with you).

Do I have to know wines in order to assist Barcelona wine tours day?

You don’t have to know wines in order to assist any Barcelona wine tours, but it’s strongly advisable to show interest in wine tasting. However, even if you don’t drink wine, we’re sure that the Priorat breathtaking landscapes will be worth of going to some of the wine tours near Barcelona.

Do you organize only wine tours?

Aside from wine tours, we can prepare for you a food and wine tour near Barcelona or even a cava and wine tour.
barcelona wine tour
If you don’t have any more doubts, we have some great offers for you.
Because in PRIORAT we don’t PRIORITIZE only wine over other drinks.

We also PRIORITIZE great prices over the high prices.
- Gerard Amorós



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Visit Priorat. Try best spanish wines. Let us help you doing it.
Join us for an unique food and wine experiences in and around
the region of Priorat in southern Catalonia.

We are sure you are going to enjoy your vineyard experience in Priorat with us.

In order to send you a suggested route, you might contact us directly, telling us your preferences.

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