About us

Travel Priorat  was founded in 2003 by Rachel Ritchie (www.rachelritchie.com), a Modern European Languages graduate,  who came to the Priorat from her native England via Barcelona whilst doing research on the Spanish Civil War for the University of Barcelona.   Rachel fell in love with the peace and quiet of this beautiful region of internationally acclaimed wines, olive oils and great food, as well as her husband, Gerard, and moved to the region to start her married life and also work as a freelance wine guide and translator for the Priorat Tourist Board.

Rachel Ritchie

Following Rachel’s untimely death in 2016 the business continues to be run by her husband, Gerard Amorós and family friend Ania Andrews, supported by a network of other friends and family members.

Ania Andrews

Throughout the year, the Priorat plays host to a series of cultural, historical and gastronomic events. Discover what Priorat has to offer, have a look through our website or send us an email. We are happy to discuss your interests and requirements to put together a personalised itinerary for you.

Gerard Amorós

At travelpriorat.com we combine an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the Priorat region with an obsessive attention to detail and an unceasing quest for quality. We love what we do and the region where we live and are passionate about sharing our knowledge of this small exclusive, wine-making region in North-eastern Spain.

Chloe Baker, student at Travel Priorat